Wednesday March 20

They, seeing Him walking on the sea, thought that it was an apparition, and cried out. For all saw Him and were troubled. And immediately He spoke with them, and says to them, Be of good courage: it is I; be not afraid. Mark 6:49-50

Don’t Be AfraidIt Is “I am”

In the original Greek, this is literally, “I Am! do not be afraid.” He is GodJesus lives! And He can tread the waves! It sometimes appears that wayward accident and chance regulate our affairs, but it is not so! He is always in charge.

How often He comes to us as He did to the disciples in that troubled midnight hour (Mk. 6:48) when we are least looking for Him! When Paul was in a storm-tossed ship with no hope of being saved, God’s angel brought him a message from God: “Fear not” (Acts 27:14-24). He seems to be saying, It was I who roused the storm; it is I who, when it has done its work, will calm it; every wave does My bidding, every trial is My appointment, and all will have a gracious purpose and end.

Are you troubled by sickness? It was sent by Me. Or, is it bereavement? Your loved one was plucked away by Me. I am the “Abolisher of death,” seated by your side to calm the waves of ebbing life and it is I who am about to fetch My pilgrims home.

You will have reason yet to praise your God for every such storm! God suits His dealings with us to fit each individual case. With some, life may be one of quiet seas without even one buffeting wave, while with others, it is a mounting up and a going down again to the deep. But whoever be the disciple, here is the grand consummation: “He bringeth them unto their desired haven” (Ps. 107:30). Let your weary soul fold itself to rest under the composing word of the psalmist: “I wait for Jehovah … and in His word do I hope” (Ps. 130:5).

J. R. MacDuff